Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson lead   
the cast as the “Ghostbusters,” spirit-exterminators who fearlessly take on the other-worldly evil infiltrating Manhattan, whether it manifests itself as wicked green slime or an ancient tyrant back from the dead to take over the world. The spooktacularly successful franchise captured the imagination of audiences around the world and redefined the action-comedy genre in the process.


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30th anniversary commemorative print collection

  • Are You A God?

    Dan Mumford

  • Ghostbustland

    Scott C. 

  • Ghostbusted

    Anthony Petrie

  • Keymaster

    Rich Kelly

  • Gozer

    Tara McPherson

  • The Flowers Are Still Standing

    Mark Englert

  • Slimer

    Lora Zombie

  • Confectionary Kaiju

    Tom Whalen

  • Ecto-1


  • Metroplasm

    Anthony Petrie

  • They're Here To Save The World

    Joshua Budich

  • Ghostbusters Commemorative Show Poster

    Mike Mitchell

  • OK...Who Brought The Dog?

  • We're Ready To Believe You

    Dave Perillo

  • Spooks, Spectres, and Ghosts

    Phantom City Creative


  • Bill Murray

    (Dr. Peter Venkman)

    Bill Murray

    (Dr. Peter Venkman)

    Peter Venkman is a gifted intellect. He has PhDs in Psychology and Parapsychology, and is always working on his degree in women studies, if you follow. If his appetite for science were as voracious as his appetite for the fairer sex, Dr. Venkman would be a Nobel Prize-winning scientist. In fact, if there is any one thing that often distracts Venkman from his scientific endeavors—aside from his underdeveloped sense of responsibility—it’s women. While investigating the home of the Ghostbusters’ first client, Dana Barrett, Venkman was more concerned with the client than her apartment.Despite all of his shortcomings as a dedicated scientist, he is dedicated to the Ghostbusters. His wit is legendary, his courage is unflappable, and his charisma is unchallenged. When not chasing ghosts or women—not always in that order—Venkman enjoys long walks on the beach, quiet nights with a book, and finding new ways toirritate Egon. (He insisted that last part be included in his bio.)

  • Dan Aykroyd

    (Raymond "Ray" Stantz, Ph.D.)

    Dan Aykroyd

    (Raymond "Ray" Stantz, Ph.D.)

    Perhaps no other Ghostbuster embodies the inquisitive, childlike spirit of discovery like Dr. Ray Stantz. With a mind equally as gifted as Egon’s, Stantz applies his keen intellect to paranormal studies with a special fervor akin to a kid in a toy factory. Rather than fear the unknown, Ray cherishes it for what he can learn from it. Unfortunately, while Ray’s openness makes him the perfect scientist for paranormal studies, it also makes him vulnerable to the less savory aspects of the field, such as spiritual possession and unwittingly falling into devilish traps.Make no mistake about it, though, Dr. Stantz is no fool. He’s just more inclined to gape in wonder and awe at a malevolent spirit than turn around and run the other way. In fact, he did that once—unknowingly—and found himself sharing a body with Vigo, the Carpathian.

  • Harold Ramis

    (Egon Spengler)

    Harold Ramis

    (Egon Spengler)

    Dr. Egon Spengler is the Ghostbusters’ most scientific and logical mind. For him, everything is either quantifiable or should be scientifically tested. In a fi eld of science where almost everything is considered superstition, old wives’ tales, religious mythology, or just plain unprovable, Egon has made it his life’s work to prove everyone wrong through the correct application of the scientific method. Dr. Spengler rarely allows his emotions to cloud his judgment and always maintains an open, analytical mind.Spengler is not just a passive observer, however. He is also a very prolific inventor. His creative spirit has led to many of the Ghostbusters’ most effective tools, such as the Proton Pack and its Slime Blower attachment.

  • Ernie Hudson

    (Ernie Hudson)

    Ernie Hudson

    (Ernie Hudson)

    While the other three Ghostbusters are scientists—or perhaps because they are—their fourth member is not. Winston Zeddemore is no slouch in the brains department, but he doesn’t have the same experience scientifically studying paranormal phenomena as his three partners. While Egon, Ray, and even Peter can often get caught up thinking scientifically about a puzzling situation, it’s Zeddemore’s unique perspective that can often shed light on matters.

    Of the four Ghostbusters, Zeddemore is the only one who expresses interest God and (typical) religious ideology. Though at first he wasn’t a believer in the supernatural, his time as a Ghostbuster quickly changed his mind. Ironically, he’s never wavered in his faith. In fact, rather than seeing paranormal events through a scientific eye, Winston Zeddemore can filter everything through his spiritual beliefs. He’s the Ghostbusters’ spiritual layman.

  • Janine Melnitz

    (Annie Potts)

    Janine Melnitz

    (Annie Potts)

    Saucy. Chic. Cranky. Overworked. Of the many adjectives that can be used to describe Janine Melnitz, perhaps “supportive” is the best fitting. As the Ghostbusters’ secretary and receptionist, Janine holds the team together. When, at first, everyone in NYC believed the Ghostbusters to be phonies, Janine showed up to work on time everyday and dutifully executed her responsibilities as their receptionist. That is, until they actually started getting calls, at which point she still showed up to work, but became increasingly cranky.Cranky or not, she genuinely cares about each of the Ghostbusters and even shares her receptionist area with the Ghostbusters’ unofficial pet, Slimer. Without her, the firehouse would fall apart. Or at the very least become slightly more disorganized.

  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

    Once only the cartoon mascot of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Corporation, Stay Puft became a giant marshmallow menace when Gozer, the powerful Sumerian god, forced the Ghostbusters to choose the form of his physical manifestation. Although they tried to clear their minds, Ray couldn’t help but think of his favorite childhood icon. “It just popped in there,” he said. Stay Puft was initially defeated when the Ghostbusters crossed their streams at Gozer’s portal, resulting in total protonic reversal. It’s not certain why or how Stay Puft has returned, but without a portal to the ghost world handy, crossing the streams to defeat it again is probably not an option.

  • Slimer


    Sometimes called “Onionhead” or simply “the Mean Green Ghost,” Ray purportedly named this creature “Slimer” specifically to annoy Peter (who still carries a long-standing distrust of the creature). Regardless of what he’s called, this focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm personifies gluttony and is drawn to anything edible.While this Class V, Full-Roaming Vapor isn’t especially malicious, you don’t want to be between him and a snack. Use caution when he’s hungry, which is all the time.

  • Louis Tully

    (Rick Moranis)

    Louis Tully

    (Rick Moranis)

    Louis Tully is an accountant who lived down the hall from Dana Bartett  in an apartment building on Central Park West. Luis was possessed by Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster of Gozer, a loyal minion demi-god. Upon the Ghostbusters saving New York City from Gozer, Louis was released. Five years later, and after experiencing paranormal activity first hand, he became the Ghostbusters' accountant.  Louis eventually puts on a Ghostbusters suit and proton pack to help the team battle Vigo.  

  • Dana Barrett

    (Sigourney Weaver)

    Dana Barrett

    (Sigourney Weaver)

    Dana Barrett was the Ghostbusters’ first customer.  While settling into her apartment, she experienced otherworldly phenomena and seeked the Ghostbusters help.  Venkman sought to help her in his own flirtatious way, and Dana ended up being possessed by the spirit of Zuul, Gozer’s Gatekeeper.  Dana took the form of a terror dog and was eventually saved when the Ghostbusters defeated Gozer.  Dana’s flame with Venkman was re-ignited when her baby Oscar was kidnapped by Vigo the Carpathian. The Ghostbusters came to the rescue and saved Oscar and New York City from paranormal terror.  

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